Seedling Select

Seedling Select v1 is a software tool to enable accurate and flexible cost estimation for marker-assisted seedling selection (MASS) in rosaceous tree fruit. Currently programmed in PythonTM, Seedling Select v1 can estimate seedling selection costs in various MASS schemes, compare the cost of MASS with TSS, and recommend cost-efficient schemes.

Seedling Select v1 takes inputs regarding traditional seedling selection (TSS) scheme, MASS scheme, seedling family structure, DNA test cost structure, and non-DNA test cost structure. Users fill out the input file using the template; upload the file in the link below and run Seedling Select v1.

Download input templete : input template
Python will generate four files summarizing outputs
  File Name  Descriptoin
 Output.csvSummarizes selection schemes, family sizes and cost structures of MASS and TSS.
 Family_Size.pdfGraphically represents family size changes throughout MASS and TSS stages.
 Population_Size.pdfGraphically represents changes in total population size throughout MASS and TSS stages.
 Cost_Comparison.pdfGraphically compares cost in MASS and TSS.

Upload input file :