Trait Locus Warehouse is an online tool to facilitate your access to public QTL information for your crop. You specify your traits of interest and level of comfort with the relative degree of evidence behind them. Then from among all QTLs reported in the database, Trait Locus Warehouse will generate a set of QTLs of potential interest. You can peruse the characteristics listed for each QTL to decide which ones to consider further and save a file containing your choices

Trait Locus Warehouse is the most "upstream" (reaching into genomics data) data-interfacing module for breeders developed by RosBREED's Breeding Information Management System Team to make routine marker-assisted breeding a reality for U.S. rosaceous crops.

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Statistical Significance of QTL

Reported evidence underlying the QTL, recorded as a LOD score (LOD), Bayes Factor (BF) or p-value (p). "High", "Medium", and "Low" are approximate guides, roughly corresponding to the following:
= LOD > 8, BF >10, p < 0.001

= LOD 4-8, BF 5-10, p < 0.01-0.001

= LOD < 4, BF < 5, p > 0.01