Marker Converter is an online tool to to facilitate design of new markers around QTL of your interest. The tool can be reached other modules or you can search for QTLs in this module to view a table of QTLs with their associated markers and genome location. In GBrowse you can view features around the QTL such as genes, markers and reads from various germplasm to help you design better markers. From the feature of interest, you can go to Sequence Retriever to retrieve sequences around the feature and design primers in GDR-Primer3.

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Statistical Significance of QTL

Reported evidence underlying the QTL, recorded as a LOD score (LOD), Bayes Factor (BF) or p-value (p). "High", "Medium", and "Low" are approximate guides, roughly corresponding to the following:
= LOD > 8, BF >10, p < 0.001

= LOD 4-8, BF 5-10, p < 0.01-0.001

= LOD < 4, BF < 5, p > 0.01